We help you find and hire student part-timers on demand!

YouthForce by Youth Ventures Asia headhunts the most driven, passionate, and resourceful students to help you with your business!

Vetted by Youth Ventures Asia

Our YouthForce is made up of multi-talented students with a good working attitude and are driven to gain working experience.

Dedicated Youth Quality Officer

One to one support to help you with any issues regarding the YouthForce that you have just hired such as how to communicate effectively.

Hassle Free Payment Management

No need to do multiple transaction, we will make sure the YouthForce are paid right after the task is completed and hold if there's any issues.

Tap into the power of Youths!

Tap into a pool of the most hungry youths and let them help you to complete your task!


Ideal for physical intensive labor, digital-centric task or repetitive jobs.

  • Good communication skills in English and Bahasa Malaysia

  • Fit and healthy to do the heavy lifting for events or warehouse operations

  • Digital native, suitable for remote tasks such as customer service, social media management or online sales agent



YouthForce Intern

Ideal for daily operations, short term projects or apprenticeships between 3-6 months.

  • Good communication skills in English and Bahasa Malaysia

  • Driven and energetic to learn by executing tasks or completing goals.

  • Digital native with theoretical skills from the faculty and practical skills from self exploration.



YouthForce Tech

Ideal for technology-related projects or building an MVP for your idea.

  • Good communication skills in English and Bahasa Malaysia

  • Competent in technology for software development (web application or mobile technology)

  • Talents can be managed by us and also be absorbed to be part of your team!



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